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37Nm Autonomous Rack System

Ideal for Small Autonomous Vehicles


37Nm Autonomous Rack System is an electric steering rack that can be used for manual (when optional EPAS16 CTS is added) or autonomous applications and is designed to replace the original steering rack.

  • Operating Voltage: Nominal 13.8 V DC
    Maximum Current Draw: 80 Amps
    Powered Rack Weight: 6.3 kg
    Maximum Torque Assist On Pinion: 37 Nm
    No Load Rack Travel Speed: 110 mm per Second
    IP Rating (with steering gaiters fitted): IP65

    Operating Temperature:

    -20 to 120 °C
    Motor Rated Power: 220 W
    Input Pinion Spline Pattern: 9/16” x 36
    Rack Travel: 109.65 mm
    Rack Ratio: 64.5 mm per Pinion Revolution
    Lock to Lock: 1.7 turns
    Rack Bar Threads: M16 x 1.0
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