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RoboSense - Bpearl Lidar Sensor 1

Bpearl Lidar Sensor

Hemispherical Super Wide FOV, Short-Range Blind Spot Lidar Sensor


Bpearl Lidar Sensor is a new type of short-range lidar sensor explicitly designed for the detection of blind spots. Loaded with RoboSense's innovative signal processing technology, Bpearl can detect objects within a few centimeters. With the hemispherical field of view, Bpearl can precisely identify obstacles around the vehicle surface like pets, children, roadbeds and much more. Bpearl's disruptive modular design dramatically reduces costs while making the product more flexible, compact, and customizable.

  • # of Lines 32
    Laser Wavelength 905nm
    Range 100m(30m@10% NIST) 
    Blind Spot ≤0.1m
    Range Accuracy(Typical) 1cm
    Horizontal Fov 360°
    Vertical FoV 90°
    Horizontal Resolution 0.1°/0.2°/0.4°
    Vertical Resolution 2.81°
    Frame Rate 5Hz/10Hz/20Hz
    Rotation Speed 300/600/1200rpm (5/10/20Hz)
    Oerating Voltage 9V - 32V
    Power Consumption 12W
    Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +60°C
    Dimension φ100mm *  H111 mm
    Weight (without cabling) ~0.89 kg


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