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Contactless Torque & Angle Sensor (CTAS)

Contactless Torque & Angle Sensor is designed to be fitted in line with the steering column and can be used to transmit torque and steering angle signals to the vehicle datalogger to aid with vehicle set up, or it can be used to directly connect these signals to the DC Electronics range of power steering ECUs, when used as part of an electric power steering system.

  • Operating Voltage (VDC) 10-28VDC
    IP Rating 54
    Weight 0.55kg
    Torque Rating -50 to +50 Nm
    Overload Rating 150%
    Update Rate 5ms
    Accuracy 0.1% at full scale
    Digital Output CAN 2.0b (unterminated)
    Analogue Output 1 - Torque A -50Nm to +50Nm 0V to 5V (2.5V at rest rising for clockwise torque input)
    Analogue Output 2 - Torque B +50Nm to -50Nm 0V to 5V (2.5V at rest falling for clockwise torque input)
    Analogue Output 3 - Steering Angle +/-810 Degrees 0V to 5V (2.5V at centre position)
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