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CRS39A MEMS Gyroscope

Ultra-High Stability MEMS Gyroscope


A new version of Silicon Sensing's high-performance gyro suitable for downhole surveying, precision platform stabilisation, ship stabilisation, guidance and control, autonomous vehicles and high-end AHRS. CRS39A MEMS Gyroscope provides the optimum solution for applications where bias instability, angle random walk and low noise are of critical importance.

  •   CRS39A-01
    Supply Voltage (Vdd): 5 V
    Angular Rate Range: <-25 to >+25 °/s
    SF Setting Error: ±0.17 % (at 45 °C)
    SF Error Over Temp: ±0.17 %
    Bias Setting Error: ±0.012 V
    Bias over Temperature: ±85  ̊/hr
    Bias Instability: 0.03 °/hr
    Bandwidth (nominal): 25 Hz ±10 Hz
    Operating Temperature: -10 °C to +110 °C
    Current Consumption: 30 mA
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