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DMU41 IMU Sensor

Ultra-precise motion sensing performance


DMU41 is six-degree-freedom High Performance IMU (HPIMU). It is a ground-breaking, affordable, non-ITAR, MEMS alternative to ‘FOG-Grade’ IMUs. It takes proven performance and reliability from its predecessor, DMU41 is an impressive SWaP-C IMU measuring 50x50x50mm, weighing under 178g and consuming less than 2.0W.

  • Supply Voltage 4.75V to 32V
    Angular Random Walk 0.02˚/√hr
    Bias Instability 0.1°/hr, 0.015mg
    Bandwidth (nominal) IMU>77Hz Acc sencor 250Hz Gyro sensor 150Hz
    Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
    Typ. Current Consumption 125mA (at 12V)
    Angular Rate Range ±490˚/s
    Axes of Acceleration 3
    Velocity Random Walk 0.05m/s/√hr
    Axes of Angular Rate 3
    Noise Spectral Density Gyro 0.05 °/s rms
    Noise Spectral Density Acc 0.9 mg rms
    Rate SF over Temp -700ppm to +700ppm (over life)
    Rate Bias Over Temperature -30°/h to +30°/h (over life)
    Acc Bias over Temp -7mg to +7mg (over life)
    Acc SF over Temp -1000ppm to +1000ppm (over life)
    Baud Rate 115200/ 230400/ 460800/ 921600
    Accelerometer Bias Instability 15μg 1σ to 30μg Max
    Vibration Rectification Error Acc: ±0.006°/s/g²rms Gyro: ±0.15mg/g²rms
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