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EPAS500 MGU with Autonomous Control

Ideal for Small, 12 V DC Vehicles with No Existing EPAS System


EPAS500 MGU with Autonomous Control is a versatile solution for both manned and unmanned operations, where the extra power of the Ultra system is not required.

  • Operating Voltage: Nominal 13.8 V DC
    Maximum Current Draw: 80 Amps
    System Weight (MGU & ECU): 7.1 kg
    Maximum Torque Output: 90 Nm
    No Load Rotation Speed: 650 Degrees per Second
    IP Rating: IP67
    Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 °C
    Motor Rated Power: 400 W
    MGU Input Spline Pattern: 17 mm x 36
    MGU Output Spline Pattern: 21.16 mm x 20 mm
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