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Falcon K Solid-State Lidar Sensor

Falcon K1 LiDAR


Falcon is an industry-leading automotive-grade LiDAR can detect objects as far as 500 meters, and dark objects with 10% reflectivity up to 250 meters. Falcon can maximize point density in region of interest (ROI) which is adjustable to focus where it matters most to better track objects on the road. High performance LiDAR with strong environmental adaptability like Falcon is key to safe autonomy and smart transportation.

  • Range 1.5 - 500m
    Detection Range (10% Lambertian reflectivity @ 10 Hz 250 m@100 klx sunlight, POD>90%
    Detection Range Accuracy

    ± 5 cm for Lambertian targets

    ± 10 cm for retroreflectors

    Detection Range Precision (10% Lambertian reflectivity) 2 cm (50 m@1sigma)
    Detection Range Resolution 0.5 cm
    Vertical Scanning Lines 1520 lines/sec
    FOV in non-ROI (H×V) 120°×25°
    FOV in ROI (H×V) 40°×4.8°
    Angular Resolution in non-ROI (H×V) 0.18°×0.24°
    Angular Resolution in ROI (H×V) 0.09°×0.08°
    Angular Accuracy ± 0.1°
    Frame Rate 10 FPS (configurable: 5 to 20 FPS)



    Power 12V/30W
    Operating Voltage 9 to 34V DC
    Dimensions (H×W×D) 58.9mm×228mm×149.6mm
    Weight 1.75 kg


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