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GATE VCU effectively manages messages within the car’s network (CAN) by using the built-in advanced driver help features (ADAS) of the integrated vehicle. This integration facilitates seamless drive-by-wire vehicle functionality, eliminating the requirement for additional actuators installation for brake or steering

  • Processor ST SPC58EG80E5 Dual Core 180 MHz
    Memory 768 kB RAM
    Storage 4 MB Flash
    Inputs 12 Digital Input
    10 Analog Input
    Outputs 5 High-Side Driver (1A PWM Capable)
    10 Low-Side Driver (1A PWM Capable)
    2 Analog Output
    Power Consumption ~5W, Varying with Operational
    Operating Voltage 9-32V
    Operating Temperature -40°C to 100°C
    Dimension 207x150x42mm
    Weight ≤700g
    Housing Die-casting Aluminum
    Connections 8 CANFD for high-speed networking.
    4 LIN for local interconnect networks


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