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Innoviz Technologies - InnovizOne Solid-State Lidar Sensor 1

InnovizOne Solid-State Lidar Sensor

Automotive-Grade Solid-State Lidar Sensor


InnovizOne is a solid-state lidar sensor specifically designed for automakers and robotaxi, shuttle, and delivery companies requiring an automotive-grade, mass-producible solution to achieve autonomy. The automotive-grade sensor is purpose-built to be rugged, affordable, reliable, low-power consuming, lightweight, high-performing, and seamlessly integrable into Level 3-5 autonomous vehicles to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians alike.

  • Key LiDAR Performance Metrics:

    Angular Resolution (HxV)


    Pre-Configurable Frame Rate

    10 or 15FPS

    Detection Range

    1m to 250m

    Maximum Field of View (HxV)


    Dimensions (HxWxD) 45x111.4x97.9mm
    ISO 26262 Compliant

    ASIL B(D)


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