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Innoviz Technologies - InnovizTwo Solid-State Lidar Sensor 1

InnovizTwo Solid-State Lidar Series

Next-Generation, Low-Cost, Automotive-Grade Solid-State Lidar Sensor


InnovizTwo Solid-State Lidar Series is Innoviz’s new high-performance, automotive-grade Lidar sensor which offers a fully featured solution for all levels of autonomous driving at dramatically lower cost.

  • Key LiDAR Performance Metrics:

    Angular Resolution (HxV)


    Pre-Configurable Frame Rate

    10, 15, or 20 FPS

    Detection Range


    Maximum Field of View (HxV)


    Dimensions (HxWxD) 46x137x132mm
    ISO 26262 Compliant

    ASIL B(D)

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