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M1 Plus Solid-State Lidar Sensor

Automotive-Grade MEMS Lidar Sensor for Smarter and Safer Vehicles


M1 Plus Solid-State Lidar Sensor is an Automotive-Grade MEMS Lidar that delivers highly reliable 3D environment perception performance to ensure the safety of ADAS and AD systems. It has achieved long measuring distance up to 200 meters (180m @ 10%), high data rate of 750,000 points/sec (single return) and 1,500,000 points/sec (dual return) data output, a horizontal FOV of 120° (-60.0°~+60.0°), a vertical FOV of 25° (-12.5°~+12.5°).


It has passed more than 36,000 hours of high-temperature durability tests, 24,000 hours of high-temperature and high-humidity tests and other test verifications. It achieved an annual output of one million units at the RoboSense's smart manufacturing cluster. It has a unique "GAZE" function to improve the perception of the intelligent driving system, which can dynamically adjust the resolution and frame rate based on different driving scenarios. It has been nominated by nearly 20 leading OEM, including BYD, GEEL Y, Great Wall, Lotus, SAIC, FAW, BAIC and Lucid.

  • Model M1 M1 Plus
    Laser Wavelength 905nm 905nm
    Range 200m(150m@10% NIST) 200m(180m@10% NIST)
    Blind Spot ≤0.5m ≤0.5m
    Range Accuracy(Typical) 5cm 5cm
    Horizontal FoV 120° 120°
    Vertical FoV 25° 25°
    Horizontal Resolution Average 0.2° Average 0.2°
    Vertical Resolution Average 0.2° Average 0.2° (ROI: 0.1°)
    Frame Rate 10Hz 10Hz
    Operating Voltage 9 - 32V 9 - 16V
    Power Consumption 15W 15W
    Weight (without cabling) ~750g ~690g
    Dimension 108mm(D) x 110mm(W) x 45mm(H) 111mm(D) x 110mm(W) x 45mm(H)
    Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C -40°C ~ +85°C


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