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M2 Solid-State Lidar Sensor

M2 The ultimate cost-effective Mid-Range LiDAR


The M2 is the M Platform's newest generation of mid-range LiDAR. M2's maximum detection distance can reach 250 meters. Angular resolution in ROI can reach 0.1 ° x 0.1 °. Built on RoboSense's innovative and reliable 2D scanning technology, M2 shares the technology platform and modular design of the Ml Plus; leveraging the scale, testing, verification, and manufacturing process. With the M2, customers can seamlessly upgrade intelligent driving systems without costly vehicle design changes.

  • Range 250m (200m@l0%)
    Angular Rresolution (HxV) Avg. 0.1° X Avg.0.2°
    Points Rate (single return) 1,575,000 pts/s
    Dimension (DxWxH) 111 x 110x45 (mm) 


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