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Leo Store - DC Electronics - Microsteer MGU with Autonomous Control 1

Microsteer MGU with Autonomous Control

Ideal for 12 V DC & Very Low Steering Input Load Vehicles


DC Electronics's most compact system, for applications that do not require as much assistance as the Ultra or EPAS500 MGU options. It is ideal for use as a steering servo when mated to a hydraulic power steering system.

  • Operating Voltage: Nominal 13.8 V DC
    Maximum Current Draw: 80 Amps
    System Weight (MGU & ECU): 4.8 kg
    Maximum Torque Output: 37 Nm
    No Load Rotation Speed: 860 Degrees per Second
    IP Rating: IP67
    Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 °C
    Motor Rated Power: 220 W
    Input / Output Spline Pattern: 17 mm x 36
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