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Pika L Hyperspectral Camera

Lightweight, Compact VNIR Hyperspectral Camera


The Pika L Hyperspectral Camera is a lightweight and compact hyperspectral camera for the Visible and Near-Infrared (VNIR) spectral range (400 – 1000 nm), making it well suited for airborne remote sensing applications. The Pika L can be used in Resonon's airborne, laboratory, and outdoor hyperspectral systems, as well as standalone or integrated into your system with Resonon's programming guidance document.

  • Optical:

    Spectral Range 400 - 1000 nm
    Spectral Bands 281
    Spatial Channels 900
    Spectral Resolution (FWHM) 3.3 nm
    Field of View Options 4°, 6°, 13°, 18°, 25°, 37°, 47°
    Pixel Size 5.86 μm



    Maximum Frame Rate 249 fps
    Bit Depth 12
    Pixel Well Depth 32.7 ke-

    Peak SNR

    (with default binning, higher with more binning)

    Software Development Kit Yes


    Physical/ Environmental:

    Dimensions 115 x 104 x 66 mm
    Weight 0.64 kg
    Objective Lens Mount C-mount
    Data and Power Interface USB 3.0
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Sensor Cooling Passive
    Power Consumption 3.4 W (via USB)
    Operating Temperature (non-condensing) 0 to +50 C
    Recommended Temperature (non-condensing) +5 to +40 C
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