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Resonon - Pika XC2 Hyperspectral Camera 1

Pika XC2 Hyperspectral Camera

High-Precision VNIR HYperspectral Camera


The Pika XC2 Hyperspectral Camera is a high spatial and spectral resolution hyperspectral camera for the Visible and Near-Infrared (VNIR) spectral range (400 – 1000 nm). The excellent imaging and high spectral resolution make it ideal for laboratory applications. The Pika XC2 can be used in Resonon's airborne, laboratory, and outdoor hyperspectral systems, as well as standalone or integrated into your system with Resonon's programming guidance document.

  • Optical:

    Spectral Range 400 - 1000 nm
    Spectral Bands 447
    Spatial Channels 1600
    Spectral Resolution (FWHM) 1.9 nm
    Field of View Options 8°, 11°, 23°, 31°, 43°, 61°
    Pixel Size 5.86 μm



    Maximum Frame Rate 165 fps
    Bit Depth 12
    Pixel Well Depth 32.7 ke-

    Peak SNR

    (with default binning, higher with more binning)

    Software Development Kit Yes


    Physical/ Environmental:

    Dimensions 265 x 106 x 75 mm
    Weight 2.51 kg
    Objective Lens Mount C-mount
    Data and Power Interface USB 3.0
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Sensor Cooling Passive
    Power Consumption 3.4 W (via USB)
    Operating Temperature (non-condensing) 0 to +50 C
    Recommended Temperature (non-condensing) +5 to +40 C
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