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SBG Systems - Pulse-40 IMU Sensor 1

Pulse-40 IMU Sensor

Tactical-Grade 6 DoF IMU


The Pulse-40 IMU Sensor is a 6 DoF, tactical-grade IMU that delivers unmatched performance in harsh conditions, with no compromise on SWaP-C. The Pulse-40 IMU Sensor is perfect for high frequency dynamics and highly vibrating environments. Its very low noise decreases impact over the control system. SBG Systems's production processes and calibration ensures consistency and repeatable behavior. The Pulse-40 IMU Sensor brings your navigation system to the tactical grade. Performance is guaranteed in all weathers and in high vibration conditions. Make your system more reliable and save weight, power, and budget for your core business.

  • Sensor Performance:

    Parameter Gyroscope Gyroscope
    Measurement range ± 490°/s, ± 2000°/s ±40 g
    Scale factor error 1,500 ppm 300 ppm
    Non-linearity error 50 ppm of FS 50 ppm of FS
    Random walk 0.08°/√h 0.02 m/s/√h
    Bias instability 0.8°/h 6 μg
    One-year bias repeatability 250°/h 1,500 μg
    Orthogonality 0.02° 0.01°
    Bandwidth 480 Hz 480 Hz
    Vibration Rectification Error (VRE) 0.2°/h/g 0.03 mg/g



    Output baud rate Up to 4M bps
    Output data rate Up to 2kHz
    Digital serial Interface UART (LVTTL)


    Physical Characteristics:

    Mechanical dimensions 30 × 28 x 13.3 mm
    Weight 12 g
    Operating Temperature range -40 to 85°C
    Input Voltage [3.3 ; 5.5] V
    Power consumption Typical @5V 0.3W


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