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Calian - TW150 Signal Splitter 1

TW150 Signal Splitter

Signal Splitter


The TW150 Signal Splitter is a professional grade 1 to 2 L-Band Signal Splitter, suitable for a wide range of L-Band and all GNSS signals, including GPS L1, L2, L5, GLONASS G1, G2, G3, BeiDou B1, B2, B3 Galileo E1, E5a+b, and E6. The TW150 splitter permits two GNSS receivers to operate on one antenna, by allowing the DC voltage source to pass through Port 2 but blocked on Port 1.


The TW150 is housed in a robust weatherproof (IP67) clear anodized aluminum enclosure and is available with 3 x gold-plated SMA or TNC Jack (female) connectors.

  • Electrical:

    Operational Frequency 1 to 2 GHz
    Max Input Power 1.5 W
    Max Pass Through Current 200 mA
    Supply Voltage 18 VDC max



    Size 46 mm L x 46 mm W x 17 mm H
    Weight 100 g
    Connectors 3 x SMA or 3 x TNC Jack
    Enclosure Clear anodized aluminum, IP67 compliant
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