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Calian - TW3872 Dual-Band GNSS Antenna 1

TW3872 Dual-Band GNSS Antenna

Dual Band GNSS Antenna (Pre-Filtered)


The TW3872 Dual Band GNSS Antenna (Pre-Filtered) employs Tallysman’s patented Accutenna® technology providing dual-band GPS-L1/L2, GLONASS-G1/G2 + BeiDou B1 + Galileo E1 coverage and is especially designed for precision dual frequency positioning. The TW3872 features a precision tuned, circular dual-feed, stacked patch element.


The signals from the two orthogonal feeds are combined in a hybrid combiner, amplified in a wideband LNA, then band split for narrow filtering in each band and further amplified prior to recombination at the output.

  • GNSS Coverage:

    GPS / QZSS L1/L2
    Galileo E1
    BeiDou B1
    IRNSS / NavIC -
    QZSS -
    L-Band Services (1525 MHz - 1559 MHZ) -


    Low Noise Amplifier (LNA):

    Architecture Pre-filtered
    Gain 35 dB typ, 32 dB min.
    Noise Figure 2.5 dB typ. @25 °C
    Supply Voltage Range 2.5 to 16 VDC nominal, up to 50mV p-p ripple
    Max. Input Power 24 mA typ. @ 25 °C, 25 mA max. at 75 °C.




    66 mm (dia.) x 21 mm (h.)

    100 mm ground plane provided

    Weight 185 g
    Radome Radome: EXL9330 , Base: Zamak White Metal
    Mount 19 mm through hole
    Available Connectors Many Options, Please Inquire


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