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Hemisphere GNSS - Universal Development Kit ST for OEM Boards 1

Universal Development Kit ST for OEM Boards

Accelerated Phantom & Vega Integration


The Universal Development Kit ST allows you to integrate a Hemisphere GNSS OEM board into your design. The Universal Development Kit ST supports Hemisphere's Vega™ OEM boards and Phantom™ OEM boards.


Empower your team to develop your Hemisphere enabled solution quickly and with minimal effort using the Universal Development Kit. It provides the necessary components for easy evaluation and integration development. Minimize your time to market and maximize your team’s efficiency.

  • Communications:

    • Depends on receiver installed.
    • Up to 5 RS-232 ports.
    • Up to 2 RS-422 ports.
    • Up to 2 CAN ports.
    • Up to 2 USB ports.
    • Ethernet.
    • Up to 2 GNSS antenna.
    • Valid position indication.
    • Other GPIO pins.
    • 1 PPS output.
    • VARF output.
    • Manual Mark input.
    • Up to 2 Manual Mark buttons.
    • Reset button.


    Environmental, Mechanical & Electrical:

    Supply Voltage:

    8 to 32 VDC or USB 5V


    210 L x 160 W x 78 H (mm)

    Antenna Voltage: as per receiver installed
    Weight: 1.0 kg
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