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Hemisphere GNSS - Vega™ 40 GNSS Compass Board 1

Vega™ 40 GNSS Compass Board

Advanced Heading & RTK Positioning


The Vega™ 40 GNSS Compass Board uses dual antenna ports to create a series of additional capabilities; including fast, high-accuracy heading over short baselines, RTK positioning, onboard Atlas L-band, RTK-enabled heave, low-power consumption, and precise timing.


With the Vega 40, positioning is scalable and field upgradeable with all Hemisphere software and service options. Use the same easy integration in either single frequency mode, or employ the full performance and fast RTK initialization times over long distances with multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS signals. High-accuracy L-band positioning from meter to sub-decimeter levels available via Atlas GNSS correction service.

  • GNSS Receiver Specifications:

    Receiver Type: Multi-Frequency GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, IRNSS, and Atlas L-band
    Signals Received:

    GPS: L1CA/L1P/L1C/L2P/L2C/L5

    GLONASS: G1/G2/G3, P1/P2

    BeiDou: B1i/B2i/B3i/B10C/B2A/B2B/ ACEBOC GALILEO E1BC/E5a/E5b/E6BC/ALTBOC


    IRNSS: L5

    Atlas L-band

    GPS Sensitivity: -142 dBm
    SBAS Tracking: 3-channel, parallel tracking
    Update Rate: 10 Hz standard, 20 Hz optional (with activation)
    Options: SBAS, Atlas (L-band), RTK



      RMS (67%)
    Autonomous 1.2 m
    SBAS: 0.3 m
    Atlas H10: 0.04 m
    Atlas H30: 0.15m

    Atlas Basic:

    0.5 m
    RTK: 8 mm + 1 ppm

    0.16° @ 0.5 m antenna separation.

    0.08° @ 1.0 m antenna separation.

    0.04° @ 2.0 m antenna separation.

    0.02° @ 5.0 m antenna separation.

    Pitch/Roll 0.5°

    30 cm (DGPS)

    10 cm (Atlas)

    5 cm (RTK) 1




    3 x full-duplex 3.3V CMOS

    1 x USB Host/Device

    1 x Ethernet 10/100Mbps

    2 x CAN (NMEA2000, ISO 11783)

    1 x SP

    Correction I/O Protocol: Hemisphere GNSS proprietary ROX format, RTCM v2.3, RTCM v3.2, CMR, CMR+
    Data I/O Protocol: NMEA 0183, Hemisphere GNSS binary


    Environmental, Mechanical & Electrical:

    Supply Voltage:

    3.3 VDC +/- 5%

    Power Consumption:

    < 2.5 W all signals + L-band


    100 L x 60 W x 10 H (mm)

    3.9 L x 2.4 W x 0.4 (in)

    Weight 44g
    Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C


    Aiding Devices:

    Gyro: Provides smooth and fast heading reacquisition. During loss of GNSS signals heading stability is degraded by < 1° per minute for up to 3 minutes.
    Tilt Sensors: Provide pitch, roll data and assist in fast start-up and reacquisition of heading solution.
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