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Leo Store - Hesai Technology - XT32 Lidar Series 1

XT32M2 Lidar Series

32-Channel 360° Spinning Mid-Range Lidar



  • Scanning Method Mechanical rotation
    Number of Channels 32
    Instrumented Range 0.05 to 300 m
    Ranging Capability 80 m @10% reflectivity (all channels)
    Ranging Accuracy ±1 cm
    Ranging Precision 0.5 cm (typical, 1σ)
    2 cm (standard)
    Horizontal FOV 360°
    Horizontal Resolution 0.09° (5 Hz)
    0.18° (10 Hz)
    0.36° (20 Hz)
    Vertical FOV 40.3° (–20.8° to +19.5°)
    Vertical Resolution 1.3°
    Frame Rate 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz



    Wavelength 905 nm

    Height: 75.0 mm
    Top/bottom: Φ89.0/93.0 mm

    Rated Voltage Range

    DC 9 to 32 V

    Power Consumption 10 W
    Operating Temperature –40° C to 85° C
    Weight 0.49 kg
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